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Sage 50 - Simply Accounting (Desktop Version)

Length - 2 Weeks - 8 x 2.25 hour classes

Sage 50 / Simply Accounting is a common accounting program used by large businesses. This course teaches the use of Sage 50 (Desktop version) and will give you the fundamental tools you will need to apply for and succeed at employment that requires its use.

The student will become familiar with:

  • System Settings
  • Adapting the Chart of Accounts
  • Linked Accounts
  • Adding Vendors, Customers, Employees, Inventory Records and Projects
  • Entering Historical Financial Data, Sales Data, Inventory Information
  • Entering Payments, Purchases, and Inventory Sales
  • Looking up Invoices and Adjustments
  • Entering Credit Memos, Sales Receipts, Deposits, and Miscellaneous Transactions
  • Paying Employees and Adjusting Paycheques
  • Entering Inventory Adjustments
  • Bank Reconciliation

Are you ready to take this course?

This course does not require a sophisticated knowledge of computers, but you should be aware of Windows basics such as opening programs, searching for information on the Internet and using a mouse and computer keyboard. If you do not possess these skills, you may be interested in taking one of our "Basic Courses".






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