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Microsoft Word

Length - 2 Weeks - 8 x 2.25 hour classes

Microsoft Word is the most powerful and common word processor in use today. This course will teach you the skills you need to use this program effectively. Classroom projects focus on the production of business documents, but the abilities you learn can be applied to a wide variety of other applications.

Topics Include:

  • Basic formatting of text
  • Adding and formatting images
  • Adding superscripts, subscripts and special characters
  • Line spacing, alignment, page size, margins and columns
  • Creating tables and using tabs
  • Finding and modifying templates for a wide variety of applications
  • Using Text Boxes, Word Art, Drawing Objects and SmartArt
  • Page numbers, headers and footers
  • Copying and pasting information to and from the internet

Are you ready to take this course?

This course does not require a sophisticated knowledge of computers, but you should be aware of Windows basics such as opening programs, searching for information on the Internet and using a mouse and computer keyboard. If you do not possess these skills, you may be interested in taking one of our "Basic Courses". .



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