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Adult Literacy Students

Our students come from all walks of life and range in age from eighteen to eighty or more! Our students are all working towards their individual goals. They understand and support each other as they’re all here to learn. Friendships are often formed creating a social yet work-centred environment. All students are treated with respect and acceptance while staff continually strive to meet each individuals learning needs.

GED Student Testimonials

Hi, my name is Tyler Simon. I came to Northland for my GED; at first it was a little frustrating to have to learn things that I had learned in highschool. Actually, I had to write the GED test three times, but I stuck to it and passed it. I ended up going to Cambrian College for Engineering. I’m now finished my first year, acquired 9 months steam time from the school, and am now working on getting my last three months from the Flakeboard company here in Sault Ste. Marie. This is my testimony, and I believe that if you stick with it you can do anything..

ESL Student Testimonials

Our students come from many parts of the globe. They all work together toward a common goal, learning English and supporting each other regardless of nationality or race. Many friendships are formed and the experience creates wonderful memories. All students are treated with respect and acceptance. They study English from beginner to TOEFL. Interpreters are available during registration, if required.


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